Dear Government that reads this:

I find the situation is unfair to the commitments of bill of rights according to freedom of press. Wikpedia all began because of this and wikia follows and I don't want it to end because of the same reason. I understand the process of getting money, but this is not the way. Without our help for the last decade with Wikipedia, we are showing their products, get people's attention and buy off your things. But is this how you treat us?! Internet is what it is all about! What have we come down to?! Writing letters just to advertise your product?! No, sir, not even you most updated information has better history as we do. Take Star Wars. com for an example. They actually trust Wookieepedia enough to link them to the site! And here you are, ask us to pay you two hundred thousand dollars just for writing about you. Life is not fair, but life is something that we need to look at, each and every day. So with my freedom of speech, I will say, I pity you, congressmen and women.


Anakin Skyobiliviator

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