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  • Craiglpalmer

    I think this graphic about says it all.

    This is what happens when the internet community unites in common cause. I'd like to thank everyone for being a force for positive change.

    It's too early to declare victory, but we have taken a major step in defeating deeply flawed legislation.

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  • Craiglpalmer

    Why Wikia Opposes SOPA

    December 30, 2011 by Craiglpalmer

    Today Wikia has become an amazing community of almost 60 million monthly users collaborating to share knowledge about topics they are passionate about. We have millions and millions of pages of user generated content created by this incredible collaboration. Becuse of the community, Wikia has now grown to be one of the 50 largest web networks in the world - an amazing accomplishment.

    This existence of this community and Wikia itself is threatened by SOPA - the Stop Online Piracy Act, heading through the US House of Representatives and it's sister bill PIPA, the Protect-IP Act, heading through the Senate -- and I'd like to explain why in this blog post.

    Before doing this however, I want to say that I support the idea of finding appropriate wa…

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